Osage Damascus Chef 206mm

With a workhorse's disposition and bold yet rustic styling that turns heads and wets appetites, the newest chef knife handmade by Charlie Ellis is here. Forged from house-made damascus with approximately 250 layers of 1084 and 15n20 carbon alloys intertwined from tip to heel, the 208mm / 8.1" blade profile provides a flat section at the rear for chopping, and then sweeps upward to a slim, pointed tip for precision and detail work. Charlie's blade finish is just superb, with nicely shaped, forge-finished flats that mask the damascus' pattern contrasting the polished and pronounced compound 'S-grind' bevels. Moving on to the handle, where blade tang first emerges, Charlie has melted copper on to wrought iron to form an exquisite bolster. The wrought iron is then fitted, with a slight step (heirloom fit), to a robust, hand-filling piece of osage orange that has been charred in the rear to reveal a near-rainbow or yellows, oranges, reds, and deep browns. Finally, a silicon bronze tang nut is visible on the handle's back face. A custom saya is included.